Thursday 4 September 2008


Alright let's go for a non science post. I just spent 8 weeks in the US. The bigger part at UIUC to do some research there. The idea of living on a campus is pretty cool. Just riding your bike to work. Stop by the gym during the day, tons of restaurants. We do not have that back at home. At home I always have to go through the big city with tons of traffic, tons of people,... But of course a big city is also cool.

On my last day I got to see all the ambitious incoming freshmen who still think that life makes sense and that school will take them somewhere. Maybe some even think that research is fun. Maybe because of the fact that it's fun to see how a little, easy sounding task takes up months until you finally have no idea about what you actually did. And when you finally kind of figure out what you are trying to say, putting that in writing takes even longer. Maybe I'll think about it differently when I finally have something published. Because then I can visualize those 10 or 20 people who will eventually superficially sift through the text ...
Well complaining about grad school is a nice tradition that should be upheld.


Ψ*Ψ said...

Cool! What program were you there with?

Felix said...

i just asked my advisor if he would send me abroad and then he organised it privately. they knew each other from congresses
and i guess it's always good to polish up on your connections to other people in the field