Sunday 18 September 2011


Just a little thought for the day: Why are our cars not at least as smart as our phones even though lives depend on them?

It amazes me everytime how much smart phones can do. But why are cars as stupid as 100 years ago?

What's so difficult about Bluetooth communication rather than old fashioned horns and lights? Aside from being much more efficient it would also eliminate a large part of traffic related nuisance.

Why can a car not compute the ideal speed for reaching the next traffic light when it turns green? Why do people still hit the gas like maniacs in front of a red light just because it might turn green before they get there?

Is it so difficult for parking spaces to communicate with cars and tell them where to go? Do we really want all those cars doing extra loops with erratic speed changes and sudden stops, instead of a little bit extra wireless communication?

If you think about how smart phones are way beyond anything you would have imagined five years ago, you can understand how much creative potential there is also for cars. So why are we still crashing, honking and cursing like 100 years ago?

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Patrick said...

Vieles davon gibt es, Wenige verwenden es...