Monday 19 March 2012


I was complaining about how constantly applying for grants is too tedious and may drive people out of science. But I also just remembered what I don't like in corporate life: suits. It's not so much that I mind spending ten minutes in the morning to make sure that I have a clean shave and that everything fits. It is that being "a suit" is really a whole different life style. Especially when it comes to transportation: Can I hop on my bike and cycle to work if I want to? No. Can I run home from work? Yes, but it is a logistical masterpiece. Can I just go somewhere after work and relax? Yes, but I'd have to be really careful.

If wearing a suit would be immediately related to productivity, I could see why wearing one makes sense. But doing all this just for appearance seems kind of unnecessary to me. So I am happy, I don't have to do that, at least.


Mitch said...

I love writing grants and reading about science. I'm much less passionate about doing experiments.

Felix said...

maybe you should try theory :)

and yes: writing grants is not all bad but I would like some more job security