Tuesday 15 March 2022


This is just a small blog, not generally devoted to politics. But maybe in a world, where big outlets can be silenced, we need the small voices.

The conflict in Ukraine has to stop. I don't know who is behind this war. Is it just the mania of one man? Is it a well-organised tightly knit group of power-hungry individuals? Is there popular support?

If anyone reads this who is in favour of these attacks, I would ask you to think about the few facts that no one can deny. Russia's leader has been in power for more than two decades, obtaining an ever tighter grip. As a former KGB officer, Putin does not only provide continuity to the Soviet Union, he represents its most feared part. Ukraine was invaded; and even if the pictures from all the bombed apartment blocks do not make it to Russia, there is no denying that a sovereign country was attacked without provocation.

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