Friday 22 June 2007

Blog ethics

My ankle is still not quite as good as it's supposed to be. Therefore I am still spending more time in front of my computer than I would like to. And with time distribution when studying, no not procrastinating, I got to visit more blogs than usually. Two important questions came to my mind.

The first one: Are blog writers with black blogs better people? I have to disappoint you: no not in general. Someone apparently suggested that at nOnoscience. The idea was that people should use Blackle instead of google. Showing a black screen should take up less energy than a white screen. But this is apparently only true for CRT screens, not for LCDs. So black bloggers: you are only better people if your readers have CRTs, not in general.

I guess a better approach would be just turning your screen brightness down.

The second question is even more important: Should I keep reading R-rated blogs? I found this important tool on a blog that is itself R-rated. It tells you what audiences your blog is appropriate for. The disturbing truth: most of the blogs I read are R-rated. It was no wonder with Ψ*Ψ/Excimer and Kyle. But even Mitch who I thought was responsible couldn't keep himself and his co-bloggers down. Even worse: I need parental guidance to read Albert's posts. And don't tell me words aren't as important as content. I am already disenchanted.


Ψ*Ψ said...

I'm sure that if you tried really really hard you could find an automatic censoring thingiee. But why bother?
Sadly, CBC cannot offer you sex and violence in addition to language. Sigh.

Felix said...

well, the only serious part about this was that I think that it is weird that Americans spend so much attention to swear words

the weird thing though is that I am actually kind of sensitive to English swear words because the year I spent in America everyone told me they were so bad.

Anonymous said...

The only reason for the r-rated at my site is because of the feeds from the other blogs. If you do the same test for we're as clean as a whistle.


Felix said...

alright then my trust in this world is reesteablished :)

I hope that did not sound offensive. people sometimes tell me it's difficult to tell if I am serious or not. no matter what, I won't use smileys in blog posts

Excimer said...

Sadly, CBC cannot offer you sex and violence in addition to language. Sigh.

Says who? ;)

And swear words aren't nearly as bad in America as you think they are... for the people worth getting to know. The general rule is if someone is offended by swearing, they're probably stupid and not worth listening to how offended they are. There are a lot of Americans like that. I tend to ignore them.

Excimer said...

well, except for my parents. but even they are warming up to my coarse language. (my blogosphere persona is pretty much the same as my real one, excpt noone calls me 'excimer' in person, thank god)

Ψ*Ψ said...

Heh. I'll have to change that...if/when I actually meet you, that is.